We have accomplished something new!

Because of all of you who believe in the mission of Artisan Mind, the last year has provided tremendous growth. And just as some flowers drop seeds to make more flowers and multiply their beauty, that is what we are doing right now. Yes, a spring analogy in the midst of autumn!

With the support of our partners, we submitted a grant proposal with real stories and real successes of Artisan Mind clients. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has awarded Artisan Mind with their 2021 Fall Bi-Annual Grant. This program will be funded by a grant by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA)!

Our 2021 Fall Bi-Annual Grant is in the amount of $6000.00!

Contributions continue to an integral part of helping us meet our budget needs and we are currently in the process of raising additional funds to match the grant and double our outreach.

We are just over half way to that matching goal and invite you to join us! Please help if you can. Every contribution matters!

Why this project matters so much….

Because bringing art into the presence of people searching for hope does something special. It creates a forum for self-expression and revelation.

Looking at the photograph below titled “Tree Fire”, Clint said that he thinks “this giant tree is teaching us something that we don’t yet know. That somehow the leaves in the background are showing us something new about ourselves”.  Margaret believed that “the little bit of sky was our hope” because she agreed that life can be twisted and chaotic like the tree limbs.

Tree Fire – photograph by Darren White

With the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) grant, we will take our Art Reveals program to older adults with a diagnosis of cognitive impairment, living in low-income housing, or attending medical supported day facilities.

Another reason this project matters so much…

Because so often, low-income older adults who are able to secure funding for health care support are able to cover only the very basics. The stress of financial insecurity can cause additional emotional and mental distress and leave them without hope or a sense of purpose.

The Monarch of the Glen by Edwin Landseer - Artisan Mind Art Reveals Program
The Monarch of the Glen by Edwin Landseer

Artisan Mind’s “Art Reveals” offers inspiration in the special way that only creativity can. Art observation has the ability to reveal memories, ideas, and opinions that may have otherwise been lost to dementia.

When a person is able to remember where they came from, what they love, and what they are good at, their self-esteem is fed and their emotional quality of life is enhanced.

Art observation through Art Reveals will offer:

• Opportunities to celebrate life through self-expression and memory recollection
• A deeper connection to social interaction and personal meaning
• An increased creative, spiritual, and emotional well-being for the participants

This is really valuable work. THANK YOU for helping make this happen!

Stay tuned for highlights as this AFA granted program initiates in December, a perfect time to give joy and delight through love and through the arts. You can also help us in additional ways.

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Consider Artisan Mind for your year-end giving to help us reach our grant funds matching goal!

This program will be funded by a grant by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA).