Artisan Mind seeks to help create a world where a diagnosis does not define a person, but instead provides a path for unconditional acceptance, opportunity, and hope. Here are just a few of our stories…

Oak Hills Church Ministry Spotlight:

Artisan Mind – What Art Reveals

Tiffany Ramirez shares the heart of Artisan Mind and real stories of how art reveals personal memories that hold meaning, value, and hope. 

KVIE Arts Showcase:

Artisan Mind – Enriching Lives Through Art

Sacramento’s PBS station KVIE asked to do a story on Artisan Mind and how the use of art programs and services unlock people’s ability to express themselves and live out a life of purpose with dignity.

See our story “Artisan Mind – Enriching Lives Through Art” on PBS Sacramento’s KVIE Arts Showcase. Click the link or image to get started!


Alzheimer’s and Art: Breakthrough Therapy

“Your memories are all in there. The part of the brain that is damaged by Alzheimer’s is the part that gives you access. It’s as if you put the memories in the glove compartment and lost the key. And the art unlocked it.”
-Dr. John Zeisel, Founder of ARTZ and the I’m Still Here Foundation

“A great dose of art to revive rich emotional memories that are still there. With a little help from Rousseau”.

For the full story, watch the ABC News Interview with Dr. John Zeisel here:

Or imagine witnessing your loved one like this…

After viewing paintings of mountains, Chuck slowly started to come to life. He repeated numerous times that he “knew those mountains.” Each time he said with a bit more conviction. Eventually he said boldly “New York. Those mountains are in New York. I grew up in New York!” With that connection he went on to share memories of his childhood in the mountains of up-state New York. With each story, his sense of identity was nurtured and validated. His eyes widened, he stood up straighter, he smiled and left the museum beaming with self-confidence.

Lake Tahoe by Norton Bush

Personal Observations and Independent Thinking

Upon viewing this painting, Clint’s observation was that the girl looks strong, like she is constantly looking at you. Poe’s opinion was “Because of the hat, she should have more shadows. i know because I am an artist. When you are a painter you can do what you darn well please!” Elaine’s insight was, “I think she is elegant. High class. The artist is from Paris? That would explain the elegance.”

Portrait of Dolly by Kees Van Dongen