Art Services

Through the design and implementation of inclusive programming, we have discovered new ways in which the arts can measurably improve the quality of life for people living with dementia.

The creative services we provide for groups in memory care and assisted living have merged with an amazing program called The Hummingbird Project. Our group sessions will continue with the same creativity and dignified group dynamic as we expand to include unique one-on-one therapeutic activity sessions.

Painting Workshops

Painting workshops that aim to create “failure-free” art experiences in a social setting for people living with all levels of dementia.  By setting each person up for success, we have the opportunity to build self-esteem, confidence and purpose.

Art Reflections

Through the use of vibrant photo imagery and innovative technology, we will explore an array of beautiful paintings and photographs projected on a large screen, creating an expressive art experience.  Designed for those living with memory challenges and their care partners, participants will have the opportunity to guide the direction of the presentation based on what inspires them most.  The group is then encouraged to share their ideas and story telling as interpreted through the art.  By incorporating art as a form of comfort care, we open nurturing gateways for encouragement, memory recollection and self-expression.